Welcome to Prudent Heart foundation

[push h=”20″]Prudent Heart Care Foundation is an NGO providing affordable and efficient training to Health care professionals and lay people in communities with the aim of reducing deaths from heart and stroke cases in Nigeria. With a philosophy based on principles of quality management, our goal is to drive a quality-oriented organization by improving productivity and ensuring best practices in heart and Stroke care following the AHA standard of practice.

With the understanding that emergencies always occur and when they do, they can be life threatening or actually claim the life of the victim.

Organizations with regular human traffic e.g Shopping Malls are expected to be prepared by having a standby ambulance, a clinic kitted with requisite emergency kits or equipped standby First aiders to arrest emergencies when they occur.

We are proposing to have first aid training and provision of basic emergency kits as well as an AED to contain life-threatening situations and to eensure prompt intervention and evacuation when they occur. Some of the topics covered in the training include:

– What’s the need for First Aid training?

– Who should be a First Aider?

– Use of Automated External Defibrillator(AED)

– Reporting Incidents and Emergencies

– Emergency Scene management

– Technique for Cardiopulmonary Rescuscitation (CPR)

– Management of emergency cases including choking ,Heart Attack.

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Our Vision

“To have at least 10,000 persons trained in CPR by the year 2020”

Mission Statement

“We are committed to prevention of sudden death from Cardiac issues in communities and remote villages who do not have the financial capability of paying for the training and  by providing affordable training and enhance provider skills in heart care”


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